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Won't calculate

Usuario moon_453 2012-04-27 22:07:01

Ok I got the value error to go away now I need this to calculate three things commissions for years 1-3 and display like this

New Business Commissions $100
Monthly Commissions @1yr $300
Monthly Commissions @2yr ect.
Monthly Commissions @3yr ect.

I think the top is correct the way it calculates results is messed up. Heres the code



/*New Business Commissions*/

/*Monthly Commissions @1yr*/

/*Monthly Commissions @2yr*/

Moonsoft support 2012-04-28 10:09:33


If you think calculations are messed up, you can add to Exit Layout intermediate values to see where could be the problem. For example, write n1=##n1## and sum1=##sum1## to see step by step the values.

Hope this helps. Regards,


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