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Creating a Commissions Calculator

Usuario moon_453 2012-04-25 21:54:53

How do I create a calculator that is already set up in excel? Don't know php

Moonsoft support 2012-04-26 09:36:01

if you have your math already defined, you have to create as many inputs as you need, and copy the formulas at the code section. You don't need to write complex php, just to follow it's sintax to write down the calculations. For example, if you have this operation to be done:


the expresion for calcbuilder is the same, adding a ; at the end of each line, and a $ preceding each variable, this way:


We suggest to check the set of examples of the downloads section, you can start with 'first steps' calculator to understand how input, calculations and output should be defined and follow the rest of examples of increasing complexity.

Also note we have a custom calculator service you can request, and we'd send you the calculator ready to import and publish at your calcbuilder.

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