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Problem with output and PDF file

User TheFencepedia 2024-07-10 03:48:12


So I figured out how I am going to handle payments, so that's not an issue anymore. However, I am having some problems with outputs and the PDF the system generates.

For the outputs, when I was entering a sort of SKU in the database field for drop down lists, it was populating the exit layout with the database field rather than the frontend field, which is not correct. So I copied the frontend field to the database field, and now it puts nothing in there.. How do I get it to give me the frontend field and NOT the database value there?

Also, how do I NOT show the input on the output page? I don't want to have the form above if possible.

Then there's the PDF export, which is showing a double line border, where there should be a single line. How do I fix that formatting? It should appear EXACTLY as it does on the exit layout.

You can test it here:

In the interest of getting this resolved quickly, so I can keep building my site, I've also created an Admin account for you with the following credentials.

Moonsoft support 2024-07-10 10:52:00

sorry but we can't fully understand the question regarding the database field, not sure what do you mean by 'copied the frontend field to the database field'. Can you please let us know which is the field you're trying to configure, and more details about what you're trying to get? (expected result/actual result).

Regarding pdf contents, you can configure if you want to include the input section and/or output section together with any other content, please check the parameters Print preferences->pdf

Include Form input
Include Result

and let us know if you have further issues.

Finally, about the table borders, please note at the pdf you're sending the content you set at the editor, while at the page you may have any other css files (from templates, other components, etc) that can slightly change the look and feel of the webpage and make it different from the pdf view. If we go to the code you have set at your exit layout we see you have set a border for the table, and also a border for each cell:

table border="1"

td colspan="2" style="border: 1px solid #000000; padding: 5px;"

This should show 2 borders like you see it the pdf. But at your site, your template includes a specific css changing this behavior.

For the pdf, we suggest to try to remove that table border, or remove the cellspacing (you can do it with your editor, at table properties) so it will generate:

table border="1" cellspacing="0"

and recheck the output.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

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