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calculation with google address

User bsnline 2017-07-03 16:12:07

I have adding a google address field,


I have google address: Duomo, Milano , MI Italia ( address, city , district , country ) add region it's possible ?

I have table matrix with rates for ( region or district ).

I can get information from address ( for example: region, country, district) for calculation with table matrix ?

Thank You

Moonsoft support 2017-07-03 17:51:15


We suggest to check official Google API docs in order to know if it's possible to recover address details or not, here we share the url:

In case you only can recover the plain text at your input field, there is a way to split texts based on a separator (for example a comma), using the function explode:

so you'll have at $result the first item(address), at $result the second(city), etc. Obviously, this only can work if your addresses are always following the same structure.


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