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PDF not attached to email

Usuario reconice 2017-02-06 07:31:22

Hello, I enabled the option Attach PDF to email, but via email I only get input form and results as plain text and no attachments.
Any hints?

Moonsoft support 2017-02-06 12:18:14

this issue can be related to the one you posted before, we copy again our reply here:

Can you please double check if print-preferences configuration is being properly saved?. You need to switch to the subtab 'pdf' (default is for email), and then add any content there, including input and/or output and/or content at the html section. Ensure these settings are recovered when you come back to this option. If you can see the settings saved and the pdf is not including any content you can export your calculator, zip the xml and attach it to a private ticket at the helpdesk, we'll check your configuration here and let you know if there is any setting missing.

Thanks, regards


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