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Very difficult

User debcampos 2015-07-01 20:02:17

Ok, this product is really crazy difficult. does anybody have a mortgage amortization and mortgage payments calculators ready?? I need help!!

Moonsoft support 2015-07-02 08:45:47

if you had a more specific question about any of the steps maybe we could be of more help. We can suggest to watch the videos to understand how a calculator is built, follow the quick guide, and also download the example working calculators you can find at your customer area so you can use them as a template for building your own. In fact, there is a calculator 'financial amortization' available to download there.

In case you don't want to write the formulas for your calculator, you also have the option to build the calculator using an excel and use the extended CB version to map inputs and results to your page (the first video at demo section shows how a calculator is built using extended version). In addition, we have a custom calculator service in case you prefer us to build the calculator for you.

Hope this helps, regards

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