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Specify the reply or sent from email address?

User moon_1620 2015-01-05 17:00:59

I would like to specify the reply or sent from email address for when a visitor uses the option to email the calculator results. Right now it is showing that i am sending the calculator results using my personal email address. How do I change this.

Thank you of your time and knowledge.


Moonsoft support 2015-01-07 09:20:36

when an email is sent, the component copies the 'from' information from your Joomla configuration, surely you have your personal email set at the control panel. In case you need to keep the joomla configuration and change only calcbuilder sender, you must to edit the code where the email is sent, you can find it at:


search getEnvioWrapper function and BEFORE this line:


you can change the sender info:


Hope this helps, regards


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