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Double hint on Info icon

User jennik 2011-12-23 15:23:48

Just found one rather minor issue. But it's kind of annoying though:

When you hover the mouse cursor above the "info" icon two pop-up hints appear. One bacause of default browser behaviour showing the pop-up when a TITLE parameter is defined inside <IMG> tag. And there is the second one I can't figure our where is it from.

Please take a look, how it appears in the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome:


Internet Explorer:


Edited by jennik - 23.12.2011 15:27

Moonsoft support 2011-12-23 17:04:50

we have added a custom tooltip to the fields, which is supposed to get rid of the default and show the custom one. If it's not working right, you can try to disable it deleting\commenting these lines at joomla\modules\mod_calcbuilder\tmpl\default.php

$('stickyDescContent_int').setStyle('width', 200);
var swin;
swin=new StickyWin.PointyTip('',$('stickyDescContent').get('html'),{
relativeTo: $('cb_name_tooltip'),
point: 1,
widht: '150px'

Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team

Edited by MSTeam - 23.12.2011 17:05

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