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In Preferences, no values in Send Form Results To fields dropdown

Usuario moon_1892 2014-12-20 01:48:33

Preferences > Send form results to > Fields to Include

is blank. I assume I'm missing a config value somewhere?

Moonsoft support 2014-12-22 08:48:53

that setting allows to send the results to any address typed at the form in a text field, so it only shows the input fields you have configured as 'text' at your field configuration. If you also need to send the email to any specific address, you can also type any address at the right of the selector.

The content of the email is set at 'print preferences'. There you can select if you want to include the input form and/or the output form and/or any other custom content where you can introduce your input/output variables using ##field## sintax.


Usuario moon_1892 2014-12-22 20:17:02

Ah, makes sense. My current calculator does not use any text fields.

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