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Using multiple option

Usuario anonymous 2011-10-18 22:05:05

Hello, I purchased Calc Builder and am enjoying working with it. Can you
please give me an example of how you code an 'array' (for the multiple
option function).
Thank you,

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 22:05:32

In multiple option variable you can get an array of values selected. We
attached you a simple example, ready to import in Calc Builder, to help you to see better.

Usuario anonymous 2011-10-18 22:05:43

Hello, I did get the multi to work but not with the result I had hoped for. I was thinking each choice would be able to have a dollar value that would be display in the results in separate rows and each having a dollar value. It looks like this is not possible.

Moonsoft support 2011-10-18 22:05:52

what you get is the array of values selected, but if you want a distinct variable to refer each of them, you also can get it with some php code. You should iterate over the array and fill as many variables as desired to show them afterwards at the output table.

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