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When saving changes, redirects to Joomla control panel and changes are not saved

User moon_584 2012-12-29 22:44:48

We just upgraded to 2.2. When I try to save changes to a calculator, clicking "save" or "save and close" takes me to the Joomla control panel and no changes are saved.

Moonsoft support 2012-12-31 09:09:07

when joomla redirects to control panel, it's usually due to any internal error. You should look for the detailed error message checking your server error log file. If it's not related to the extension itself, maybe you are exceeding any server restriction with your calculator, like number of variables handled, post size, etc:. If you try to do any other action, like going to 'matrix' options, for ex, and it behaves same way, most probably there is a server restriction showing.

Trying another simple calculator it's also a good idea to know if it's related specifically to one calculator, but checking the error log file is the only way to know for sure.

You can paste the error message here if you don't know exactly what does it mean and we'll try to help.


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