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List does not show up on Front End

User moon_495 2012-05-18 04:38:49

I bought LM a few days ago and initially had problem installing. After installing, I found the setup rather easy. But when I tried to set up the front end to view, it came out blank.

I am using Joomla 1.5.15 and I realized that there have been some postings on the same issue for other Joomla version.

I am not sure if the issues are the same but I did expect everything to be easy to use as I read the initial reviews and thought so.....I guess I was wrong.

Hope someone can assist as the idea behind this is really good but unfortunately, for me, the error is a major one since it cannot even be visible in the front end.

Moonsoft support 2012-05-18 09:57:30

the problem with installation was solved through ticket system, we paste here the solution again in case it may help others:

The file downloaded must be unzipped before installing to get the proper joomla version installer, and once more to get the component and module to install.

About blank page, it seems a different issue from others we have already solved here. If the list is not fully configured, or there are scripts conflicting, what you can get it's the listmanager component visible, but with buttons not responding, or records not fully loaded. But a blank page suggests another kind of problem. If you have available your server error log file, you can also paste it at the helpdesk and we'll search for errors regarding your list.

Thank you, best regards


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