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Connect to MySQL Database

Usuario twolsey 2018-12-28 04:53:39


I am very inexperienced with Web Design so forgive the simple questions.

I am wondering how to connect to a MYSQL database and display/edit/delete the contents of a table on my website via Joomla. Is there some instruction how to do this seemingly simple task?

thank you

Moonsoft support 2018-12-28 10:19:15

the list manager allows managing data lists created with the extension. In order to publish the list you need to create first the list manager table, go to list manager main administration page and click 'new'. Then fill the 'fields' you will want to manage (the columns of the table), at the tab 'fields'.
Then you can import data to fill the list, you have several options to do that, both of them at 'manage data' option:

- if you have a csv file you can use its contents in order to make a first bulk upload.
- if you can write down a sql query able to return all data, you can use this option to make the first load.

After these steps you can publish the list. However we are not sure what do you mean when you say 'a mysql database'. It's an external database 'outside' joomla? Then you would have to export this information and upload using csv in order to fill the list manager table.

Please let us know if you need further help with any of the steps.


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