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Auto Populate Field

User liam.baker 2018-03-01 12:37:28


I am trying to come up with a way of auto populating a field in a list.

I currently have the following setup:

List 1 (Engineers)
List 2 (Customers)
List 3 (Service Log)

When I add to the Service Log list i have setup a dropdown box (option list) so the user can choose for a list of Engineers from the Engineers list.

What I am now trying to achieve is the same thing with Customers but to auto populate the remaining fields. So the user will select a customer from the dropdown list being taken from the Customers list but then certain other fields to be filled in automatically.

So, user selects customer and it automatically fills in, Customer name, Customer contact etc without having to manually fill the fields in again when they are already on the Customers List.

I hope this makes sense?


Moonsoft support 2018-03-01 13:54:29

there is no configuration available in order to autopopulate fields based on other list data, sorry. In order to avoid duplicating those fields, you have the option to just save at your 'service log' list the customer, and use that column to 'link to other list', so you link the customer to its row at the secondary table 'customers', that way users can click on the customer to see all its associated data from the other table.

This is configured at your 'customer' field of your 'service log' table, at the section 'link to other list'. There you can choose if you want to display the information inside a popup, if you will go directly for the row detail, etc, let us know if you need further help with this.

Thanks, regards


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