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Number format in rates

Usuario clandestino52 2017-10-03 21:03:29


Sometimes (Not very frequently) I get rates like 450.00 instead of 4.50. I think It may be related to number format in some countries. Can it be the cause? Can you help

Sometimes I also have 0.00 rate. Is it possible to have 0.00 rate?

Edited by clandestino52 - 03.10.2017 23:13

Moonsoft support 2017-10-04 11:55:53


Sorry, but retested here rate workflow and we only get numbers between 0 and 5. If you want to place a private ticket and share an url of your site we'll take a look, but we'd need at least how to reproduce the error step by step.

Rate 0.00 shown when no rate was done.



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