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Installed and data shows up, but search and show options don't look right

Usuario moon_302 2012-02-15 20:39:34

Link to page I'm working on:

The search and show options look out of format... and truthfully, I would prefer they not be there... my list should never grow past say even 12 players per team, and if they are all on one page that's all I need to show.

Also, when I refresh the page I can see the "edit" screen pop-up then go away... no one on the front end should ever be able to change players... is there a way to stop that?

Moonsoft support 2012-02-15 20:58:39


This 'strange' look is inherited by your template css. In order to hide toolbar, just add


to class .lm_toolbar in css file located at modules/mod_listmanager/assets/css/default.css

If you have selected at your parameters "allow changes"=No , no one can edit or add new lines.
To avoid render of input fields while page is loading, you can go to ACL list in component and uncheck all edit columns.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Moonsoft Team

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