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List Manager conflicting with Unite Revolution Slider

User 2016-11-03 19:57:37

Dear all,

we installed the Listmanager on our website And after searching and searching to template builder told us Listmanager is somehow conflicting with Unite Revolution Slider. He will not load the images in the slider.

The template builder wrote us:

This is not the template bug. See the screenshot-1. You will get everything is fine.
But there is a component probably named list manager. It is causing some error on console. Which means it is conflicting with the slider revolution. See the screenshot-2.
Try to ask that component creator if they can help you.

I send you the screenshots in a seperate mail.


Moonsoft support 2016-11-03 20:25:44


Seems to be a problem on your site. We continue on helpdesk #1206 as you place a ticket with same content.



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