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INtegration with Calc Builder

Usuario bwls103 2015-10-24 14:17:51

I would really like to see an example of adding Calc Builder to an existing List Manager implementation. Here are some of my questions:

Will CB use existing LB tables?

How is the calc routine initiated?

If I add CB to an existing LM site will I see the CB prompts in LM?

Is there a video of CB being added to an existing LM site?


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Moonsoft support 2015-10-25 13:32:30

List Manager and Calcbuilder are two different extensions that are intended to work independently one from the other, they can't be configured to 'integrate' or communicate, not sure of which is your exact purpouse when you say you need to 'add' Calcbuilder to the list.
Having said this, calcbuilder is able to:

- Insert javascript code in any page
- Query/insert/update database tables (any table from your joomla db, not only list manager ones). This is done at the php section, as any valid php placed here is executed, you can build code able to handle other extensions data everytime the calculator is launched.

So, if you have an average knowledge of js and/or php, you can make the calculator interact with LM tables or its front end view, but this won't happen automatically.

You can contact us privately through the helpdesk or the custom requests email if you need us to build any specific integration with a calculator for your site, we'll confirm if it can be done and which would be our approach and quote for the work.

Thanks, regards

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