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swap location of pagination/export buttons

Usuario pbmresearch 2015-10-21 15:50:37

I am wanting to move two items on the list manager module:
1. move the pagination buttons to the bottom of the list (where the export buttons are).
2. move the export buttons to be above the filter area (where the pagination buttons are).

Could anyone help me out with what file(s) I would need to modify to make this happen?


Moonsoft support 2015-10-21 16:40:04

the front end view is located at this file:


there you will find both sections, the first one is created including the tools.php file and the bottom one including the bottomtools.php file. You can move them around as long as you preserve the main structure of the layout, so we suggest to keep both of them inside the main div (the one with id="allcontent-wrapper... and the pagination toolbar inside the div with class="tool-up-wrapper"), in order to have the front end settings working as well.

Hope this helps, regards

Usuario pbmresearch 2015-10-21 17:44:40

that's nuts. I was doing just as you mentioned with no results. However, I was doing it directly in the admin on an overwrite file. Just now, I modified the file on my desktop and uploaded it and it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the confirmation/help!!

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