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Background opacity of list results displayed

User moon_1726 2015-04-15 10:24:32

I need to set the background to NO transparent (with an opacity) because we can't see anything of the list result because of my theme background (I tried all of the custom predefined themes coming with ListManager).
So I'd like to get the lists displayed with a black background with an opacity.
Last thing : I have several lists with different theme colors to display
I searched and tried some suggestions in the forum but nothing changed after applying them (eg: list colour scheme thread (24.12.2014)).
I obviously miss something...

Moonsoft support 2015-04-15 11:55:52

every change you need to introduce to the extension css, can be done at the theme files you will find here:


where xxxxxx is the name of the theme you're configuring for the list (default,grey,darkblue...etc)

there you can play to modify the styles. All content of the list is included inside a div with id=lm_wrapper, so you can set any background-color or any other property there.

#lm_wrapper {
Same for all other styles of the list, not sure what you meant with 'different theme colors', the stripped colors of each theme are configured using two classes:

.lm_trblack {
.lm_trwhite {

that assign different color per theme in order to get the stripped table effect.

Hope this helps, regards

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