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How to show multiple lists

User moon_1372 2013-12-09 21:31:48


I want to show multiple lists, as a kind of categories. But in the menu I can only choose a single list.
Is there a possibility to show multiple lists??

Best Regards


Moonsoft support 2013-12-10 09:14:25

yes, you can only select one of the lists if you choose the component view, but you can include as many lists as needed at the same page if you use the module view, as we do on our demo site:

First, create as many modules typed list manager as needed, each one linked with one of the lists you want to publish. Set custom positions for them, for ex


and then create an article so you can include this modules inside its contents:

{loadposition customlist1}
{loadposition customlist2}


Hope this helps, regards

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