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export pdf don't work

Usuario moon_1139 2013-06-22 18:18:51

when i clic on export pdf i have a blank page witch fifefox and a erreur with google chrome


my joomla is not at root and i think it's for that
i trie with another joomla in root and it's ok

Edited by moon_1139 - 23.06.2013 00:40

Moonsoft support 2013-06-23 12:37:11

we don't think its related to root location. Our demo site for example is not at root and works properly on export. That kind of error message is usually related to some server/site configuration. The other joomla where you have the export running is installed at the same server than the one showing the error?


Usuario moon_1139 2013-06-23 13:35:46

Yes they were on the same serveur

the first (here in the "martyr")

the second (here) (domain actif)

Moonsoft support 2013-06-24 10:41:33

ok, then there must be any configuration difference among the 2 installations. Please place a private ticket at helpdesk with your site real data, and we'll take a look to search for the origin of your issue.

Thanks, regards


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