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User moon_605 2013-03-20 16:41:43


My probleme is here

Can you help me?

thank you


Edited by moon_605 - 20.03.2013 16:42

Moonsoft support 2013-03-20 18:58:49

if you need to allow headers split in several lines, you can do it modifying a little bit the css. Remove the property:

white-space: nowrap;

from the classes regarding your table list:

.lm_result thead th


.lm_result tbody td ,tbody th

you will find them at the default css


About switching the option column to a different position at the table, it's something that can't be achieved using css, sorry. If you are interested, place a ticket at helpdesk and we could send you a quote to build a custom release with your specific requirement about this.

Hope this helps, regards


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