Special offer

Our team has been thinking about which contribution we could make from Moonsoft to help businesses that are in difficulties due to this crisis.

The conclusion has been that we could facilitate access to the creation of web shops that help to keep sales to businesses that have their doors closed, or that have lost many customers during this period.

We can also provide the development of a web booking system or order collection in order they can easily adapt to the new regulations.

The aim is to create asap a web store or a booking system that is operational almost immediately, that will allow the products that now remain in stock can have an exit to the market, and to be able to continue providing service to customers.

With this idea in mind, we release this time-limited special offer. In short, it's about developing the web for free and also provide the additional requirements to create a functional website (domain, hosting, email...). We're going to charge the first year of Professional web maintenance, also applying a 50% of discount.

After this first year, if you want to keep the website (we really hope so), you can choose if you want to stick to Proffesional plan, or maybe downgrade to the Basic Plan and handle most of the maintenance yourself. The hosting, emails...will be still free while you have the store online.

Overview services / final price

Here you have the list of services and the prices you get now, AND in the future (no small print or hidden fees)

  • Domain: you have 2 options here:
    1. you can freely use one of our subdomains (it will be like yourbusinessname.ourmaindomain.com, where you can choose 'yourbusinessname', or,
    2. hire your own main domain in order to have yourbusinessname.com. This last option has a price of 15€/year
  • Hosting: It will remain free during all time you have your webstore active
  • Development: It will be free. The only condition is that you can't move our work away from our servers. Please check the faq below regarding migration
  • Maintenace:
    • 1st year: Professional Plan with 50% discount (540€, as a one-time payment).
    • 2nd year and beyond: you can choose between basic plan (30€/month) or the Professional plan (90€/month)
  • Mails: 5 email accounts with unlimited space , free during all time you have your webstore active
  • Associated costs: you will be in charge of handling the payments that are involved with each transaction. When dealing with 'physical' goods you will surely have some kind of delivery costs, and the payment processors will also charge you for each transaction (currently they charge about a 3,5% of the order amount). It's up to you how (if) do you want to add these costs to your product prices. You will also decide how to deal with refunds, explain your return policy and support your customers in the way you prefer.

The process

Here the steps that we will follow together in order to have your website working in no time:

  1. Choose if you will want your own domain name or if you will use one of our free subdomains
  2. Complete the proper checkout, please ensure your contact data is ok
  3. You will receive our instructions to fill an excel file where we'll collect all needed data. Your company name, address, return policy..etc and how to provide a list of your products, prices, and the images to be included at the site. Please contact us in advance if you will need to create a big shop with more than 5000 products
  4. We'll propose you up to 3 templates with a style that suits your business
  5. We'll customize the template and load your product catalog
  6. You will need to choose among the payment platforms available. You need to enable at least one of them for your users. We'll support you in the process of creating the needed accounts.
  7. The web will be published and you can start selling online. We wish you great success!


We are sure the final result will meet your spectations. However, if you are not happy with any of the three proposals for the templates, you can ask for a refund and we will cancel the project without further questions. We won't offer refunds once the site is published and operational.

Note: All prices are VAT excluded. You will see the legal tax % applying if you are located on Spain or on one EU country and you don't have a valid VAT number. For other cases and countries taxes are not applicable.

Frecuenty asked questions (Faq)

You can also profit from this offer, we'll take care of the migration and we'll continue the work from here. Feel free to contact using our email or the form below and drop there any question you can have about the process.
This is the only condition we have in order to be able to launch this offer. You will be able to recover/copy and go away with your database (your data is yours and we don't have any interest in keeping them), but the web development must be held in our servers. Is the only way to prevent certain abuses.
We include the customization of the template, and the essential adjustments in order to get the site up and running. In the future you may want to include more cool features and functions to your site. The fast answer would be 'no, additional custom development is not included', but we suggest to contact us regarding these additions. Maybe we are able to install an extension that includes that specific function and this can be included in the general maintenance quote. Each case will be studied separatedly.
We'll show you (up to) 3 templates so you can see how the final result will look like. All of them are fully responsive so they are suitable for any device and have a modern look. We will customize your chosen template with your own data, logo, company information, etc.
No, there will be no references (either visual or hidden at your website)

Further questions ?


You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the following contact form

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