XLS Price Calculator
XLS Price Calculator

XSLPrice - Magento - Quick guide

Moonsoft XLSPrice Calculator - Overview  Show dynamic pricing for your products configured using an excel file. You will have available for creating your calculations all user inputs for the... Continue reading

Configuring the excel sheet

Once you have your Magento products created with your preferred custom fields added, it's time to configure the calculator using an excel sheet. The rules are simple: You will have the... Continue reading

Change excel locale

This tutorial is going to provide a small code tweak in order to have your XSL Price Calculator working with formulas in different languages. You may be working at your localhost with your excel... Continue reading

Using product attributes and configuration for calculation

We have already shown you how to use your product custom fields to use the selected values at your calculator. In some cases, you may also want to use some other data regarding the actual product,... Continue reading

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