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Fixed Field Filters in Module 28.01.2012 10:41


in List Manager I would like to have a filter for one or more fields that I can define in my Menu Item (like the existing filter). This filter should not be visible and editable in the frontend.

An example: We have a table with different software descriptions. In this table we have one field "Windows" (Yes/No), one field "Mac" (Yes/No) and one field "Linux" (Yes/No) - certainly there are some more fields with name and description. ;)

A software that's only available for Windows will have a Yes in "Windows". A software available for Windows and Linux will have Yes in this fields - I think you understand. ;)

Now I will have 3 different Menu-Items - one for Windows-Software, one for Mac-Software and the third for Linux-Software - predefined and not changeable by the users.

Is it possible to have this in one of the next releases?

With best greetings from Germany

Re: Fixed Field Filters in Module 30.01.2012 10:41

yes, we agree this could be an interesting feature, it just have been added to the list of requests for future versions.

Thank you very much for your feedback, best regards

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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