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A (little more) advanced search 25.05.2014 14:51


I just noticed that LM search engine does not follow the widely widespread convention when you enter two or more words in search box. It tries to find an exact match for the two words instead of searching for word1 AND word2. For example, in the demo, if I search for Republic Armenia I won't get any result whereas if I type Republic of Armenia, I will get one. It can be misleading for people doing seraches in big lists and I will be glad to see this behavior changed to follow conventional search pattern. Of course, an advanced search engine capable of matching multiple terms across lines would be great !


Re: A (little more) advanced search 27.05.2014 10:23


Thanks for your suggestion. Search engine is, maybe, not as widely widespread as you could think. In fact, some List Manager users let us know different ways to search 2 words, slightly different from your solution. We´re working on a configurable solution able to cover as much solutions as possible.

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Moonsoft Team
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