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Toggle ListManager Details Button 21.12.2013 16:50

The LIst Manager "View Details" button opens the details pop-up window. Clicking it again opens the same pop-up window again over the first one. The user needs to close them all with the close-control "x".

Perhaps the "View Details" button could also close the pop-up window?

Or perhaps only open the pop-up once.

It is very nice to be able to open details from many records together, though, so it will depend on what all your developers might want. Thanks!

Re: Toggle ListManager Details Button 23.12.2013 09:48

right, its coded that way on purpose, we received feedback about not opening the popups on a 'modal' way, so the detail view can be used as a comparator. You can modify this setting to force the popup on a modal way, changing the lines:

modal: false,


modal: true,

on the main module view.

thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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