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Email Cloaking 22.06.2013 01:12

List manager is perfect but you really need to add email cloaking! Offer it as a $5 add-on! Please?

Re: Email Cloaking 23.06.2013 11:12


Thanks for your suggestion, but, by now, we think it´s not necessary.
List Manager get info using javascript once the page is loaded, so spambots don´t get any info inside list.

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Email Cloaking 25.06.2013 22:06

We have done testing and emails are NOT protected from spambots. They are wide open and in the clear. Your systems DOES NOT cloak emails with Javascript.

Be warned, any emails shown in List Manager are harvestable by spammers at this poiint.

Re: Email Cloaking 25.06.2013 22:08

We tried adding the email cloaking code from Joomla, but it is stripped out on import of data. Any other ideas how to cloak emails?

If not, we'll have to use another list component.

Re: Email Cloaking 26.06.2013 09:12

sorry, but we don't get the point on your comment. You can't introduce php code as the content of your list, but you don't need to, the extension is already creating the content dinamically with javascript, which is exactly the same joomla cloaking function does. When the page loads, none of the data is present at the page, not even the plain text cells. Could you please detail which are your tests in order we can reproduce here?

Moonsoft Team
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