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Download exemple demo listmanager 10.07.2012 13:09


Can I download exemple in demo listmanager, so I can undestand what's happen with differents list.

Possible ?

It's possible to trnaslate listmanager in french ?

thank you


Re: Download exemple demo listmanager 10.07.2012 13:19

not sure of what do you mean with downloading examples. Our demo page is a single article showing several lists, easy to create, this way:

- Create as many lists as you need.
- Create as many modules typed 'List Manager' as lists to be shown, configuring each one to show each of the lists, and with custom positions, like position1, position2,....etc.
- Create an article with this content:
{loadposition position1}
{loadposition position2}
{loadposition position3}
....and so on.

About translation, we use standard joomla language files, so you can translate to french or to any other language, please find here the details of how to get it working:

Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team
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