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remove some things 18.06.2012 18:24

How can I remove the edit sign from a list in a page?
Thank you!

Re: remove some things 18.06.2012 21:09

you should use acl configuration page in order to remove rights for certain or all groups, deselecting edit option for them.
Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team

Re: remove some things 18.06.2012 23:33

I refer to what you can see from the attached file.
I would like to remove circled in red.
And 'possible?
Thank you again.

Re: remove some things 19.06.2012 17:18

you can try to configure the component module parameter access control to
'Read only'. This way the last column won't show at all. About the toolbar, the only way to hide it is to use the css. You should locate the sections you want to hide and apply the style
to all of them.

Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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