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some errors 24.02.2022 12:09

when i use the fronted-editor (the little pen) to modifie or add contents , my popup view contain this error :

« C:\wamp64\www\myJoomlaWebsite\modules\mod_listmanager\helper.php:509:
array (size=0)
empty »

« C:\wamp64\www\myJoomlaWebsite\modules\mod_listmanager\helper.php:509:
array (size=2)
0 => string 'LMJQ('#fld_19').rules('add', {

'lmnumber':[',', '0','.']

});' (length=80)
1 => string 'LMJQ('#fld_19').rules('add', {

'2limits':['0', '25000000', false,'dd-mm-yy', 0,',']

});' (length=107) »
NB: i'm not sure but i think that comes frome the moment i upgrade ListManager to 2.7.4 ?!

thank you.

Re: some errors 24.02.2022 15:58


That seems like an unwanted log message. Can you please download again the installer for your version and update?

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: some errors 24.02.2022 20:45

i did download 2.7.4 version again ( the update is automatic after downloading Isn’t it ?),
unfortunatly, i have the same error :

array (size=0) empty »

in case, i upgrade my php version to 7.4.26 (with mysql 5.7.36) but still have the error on the edit view (fronted)

thx for your help!

Re: some errors 25.02.2022 12:07


Please, can you confirm that you upgrade List Manager in your site with the version downloaded?

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: some errors 25.02.2022 12:40

i think so , when i verifie on ' Extensions : Manage' i have this lines :

Site Package 2.7.4 February 2022 Moonsoft N/A

List Manager
Administrator Component 2.7.4 February 2022 Moonsoft

Re: some errors 25.02.2022 12:47


We can't reproduce here with latest version, can you please place a private ticket at helpdesk with url and credentials of your site and we'll take a look?.

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: some errors 25.02.2022 13:01

i 'de like but i'm working on my local wampsever :(

Re: some errors 25.02.2022 17:40


Ok, in this case we suggest to download again List Manager 2.7.4 version from your account dashboard and install again in your site (the update is NOT automatic after downloading). Clear all Joomla caches (if set) in your site and test it again.

Moonsoft Team
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