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No ACL settings in LM4 28.01.2022 21:53

I can't find ACL settings in List Manager 4.1.9
Can somebody help me?

Edited by ploten - 29.01.2022 09:17

Re: No ACL settings in LM4 31.01.2022 09:44

for Joomla 4, the extension allows to create several instances of the list working for the same database, so for this version the acl settings can be configured using the default Joomla ACL (or any other extension for handling custom permissions you may have). From the list Manager configuration, you will create as many lists as you need (for example, one with edition rights and another one set as read-only). Then you can publish each list to be accesed by the proper Joomla group(s) using default Joomla manager, (for ex, the most simple way, restricting menu access to each option).

Thank you for pointing this out, we'll include this information at the tutorials as well, it may help other users migrating from List Manager for Joomla 3.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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