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Created Date? 15.03.2017 09:12


Is there a way to have a (autamatic) "created date" when somebody adds a record?

Thank you

Re: Created Date? 16.03.2017 09:30

yes, you have a field type called 'Date->Today', that you can use to insert a column that will contain today/date of creation by default. If you don't want your users to be able to modify the date at the form you can use the access level configuration to make this field 'readonly' and/or hide it using css instead.
Moonsoft Team

Re: Created Date? 11.05.2017 17:23

Hi Moonsoftteam

Ok. Thank you. When i use "Today" it should write the date only once. What happen to the field when somebody edit an adress?


Re: Created Date? 11.05.2017 20:12

it depends on the security configuration you set for the field, you can set it as non-editable so it should remain with same initial value when users edit records, but you can set it editable as well in order to let them modify the default value afterwards.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Created Date? 12.05.2017 12:27

Ok, and thank you

I don't know where and how exactly i can disable the ACL Settings for the specific field/user.
I think its in "Configure access control". But i can't disable "Edit all fields" and give specific rules to aspecific user.


Re: Created Date? 12.05.2017 13:30

yes, the permissions are set at Configure ACL, but they are associated to user groups, not to individual users. You can set the date can be modified by admins but not for rest of users, for example.

Moonsoft Team
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