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Remove the Call to JTooltips 31.03.2016 19:02

In the past there was some discussion here in the forum about removing the call to JTooltip. ( Unfortunately the links provided in that thread and elsewhere on the Website are dead. See and

I am using List Manager version 2.2.15 on a Joomla version 3.5.0 Website. The call to JTooltip is causing a JavaScript conflict so I would like to remove it. What is the best way to do that and preserve the upgrade feature of the extension, that is, not edit the files that might be overwritten later?

Re: Remove the Call to JTooltips 01.04.2016 11:51

you're right, we've fixed now the redirect urls from older site. In order to remove jtooltip you should edit this file:


and remove/comment the line


(about line 27)

You could create a template override to keep the file change, but the original file most of the times needs to be updated, so we suggest to fix the js conflict instead or remove the line again when upgrade.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Remove the Call to JTooltips 06.04.2016 20:28

I think I can live with the Tool Tips error. Upon close examination I found that the Bootstrap dropdown menu on the pages that displayed a ListManager list did not work. There was a conflict with the JavaScript included by ListManager. (Probably the /components/com_listmanager/assets/js/lmbootstrap.min.js file.)

The JQueryEasy extension that I use has the noConflict code enabled but that wasn't correcting the problem. I examined my template and noted that the bootstrap.min.js file was being loaded last and not first. I have modified my template so that the Bootstrap JavaScript is loaded first and now the dropdown menus work on the pages with ListManager components.

Now the browser complains that Bootstrap needs JQuery (which is loaded later) but at least the page works. I can modify the order of JavaScript loading to correct that problem.

Re: Remove the Call to JTooltips 07.04.2016 18:06

yes, the right order is to load jquery before the bootstrap. Please set it that way and let us know an url to check your page (you can do it privately placing a ticket at your customer helpdesk), we'll debug directly at your site and let you know how to fix.
Additionally, you can try to disable for a while the jquery easy and check if you can see any change.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Remove the Call to JTooltips 11.04.2016 18:28

The script declaration that you supplied in the support ticket (shown below) solves the problem. I added it to the JQueryEasy extension and my dropdown menu works again.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

I also look forward to the new version of List Manager.
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