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Yes language definition 02.09.2015 12:45

Hi, I'm using LM 1.2.5 on Joomla 3.4.3
I've downloaded the italian translation, then put lang files where they belong, after converting them to UTF-8 and verifyied everything was correctly translated and working.
All was ok, but I realized that in some way, YES (on admin buttons) was not translated, despite being already defined by
in it-IT.com_listmanager.ini and it-IT.com_listmanager.sys.ini in the admin/lang directory.
I've check in administrator\components\com_listmanager\views\listing\tmpl\edit.php and Yes is actually defined here:
echo JText::_('YES')

So, I've added
to the .ini files
Result: language reverts to english .ini
Have you got any idea to solve this thing?
Well, actually putting things like this
echo JText::_('SI')
would solve, but I don't think it's a future-proof solution...
Please, help me as soon as possible

Re: Yes language definition 02.09.2015 17:38

actually, there is a typo at our code. Where it says:


it should say instead


so you will see your translated string showing in that place. You can not add the key 'YES' to a language file because it's a reserved word for the Joomla language system. We'll correct for next version, so in the meantime you can change that code above on your installation.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Yes language definition 02.09.2015 19:54

Thanks, there is another definition I cannot find anywhere:

1 "Clean" button under Manage data record
2 "Apply" and "Clear" on filter module, they aren't on mod_listmanagerfilter.ini, and I'm unable to find them on module files

and maybe others I don't remember, but I'll let you know in this thread in case, please answer as soon as possible regarding this three, especially the module ones.

Edited by teddy - 02.09.2015 20:11

Re: Yes language definition 03.09.2015 10:47

if you have downloaded a translation for an older version you may find some terms missing, because they have been added afterwards. You will find the full list of terms at the en-GB files of the latest version, you can translate that one, or include the new terms at your actual translation, all those keys are present at


for backend texts and


for the frontend filter module

Moonsoft Team

Re: Yes language definition 04.09.2015 20:40

Thanks for 1. found it.
But 2. is impossible, I've made a text search on local and those Apply and Clear are nowhere to be found.
Would you please check where exactly they are?

Re: Yes language definition 07.09.2015 09:43


'Apply' and 'Clear' module filter traslations:


are located at language\en-GB\en-GB.mod_listmanager.ini or
language\en-GB\en-GB.com_listmanager.ini if you're using component/menu view.

Moonsoft Team
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