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Detail button not shown 01.08.2015 16:05

Hi togehter
The detail Button is not shown in the list on the following page:
When i activate the Option "Show Detail on Row click
" is the detail popup shown.

Could you say what are the proble in this case?


Re: Detail button not shown 03.08.2015 08:19


Maybe 'Allow Changes' in menu/module configuration is set to 'No'. This prevents to show action buttons columns (including detail button). You should set to 'Yes' and restrict the other buttons in 'Configure access control' in list.
Also check that in 'Configure access control', 'detail' are checked for groups allowed.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Detail button not shown 03.08.2015 11:07

I checked everthing and it seems to be ok in the settings, but the detail button is still not shown.


Re: Detail button not shown 03.08.2015 16:20


Please post a private ticket in helpdesk in your private area sharing your url and user/password to access and we'll take a look.

Moonsoft Team
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