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Form view 19.06.2015 19:06


how can i change the default size of the textarea in the form view ?

Re: Form view 20.06.2015 08:58


You can customize any input using the field parameter 'Css class'. You can add there any existing class name or create a new class that you can add to css file setting width, height or any other property.

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Form view 20.06.2015 16:49

but I don't find the right way. All attempted changes were unsuccessful. Please give me a hint in which file I should write what code to adjust the height of the textarea in the formview to 200px.

if I add a new data in the backend in a table the inputfield "textarea" is 300px high. The input field "text" is smaller.
When I go to a table to add new data in the frontend, the inputfields "textarea" and "text" are identical.

I want that in the frontend in the formview the inputfield "textarea" is shown higher than the inputfield "text".

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Re: Form view 22.06.2015 09:14


Sorry, which style did you tried to set the property?. Something like this should do the work:


added to any css present at the page and selecting 'mytextarea' as css class for your field.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Form view 22.06.2015 09:47


it's not quite what I mean, but I did it myself solved. With your solution, not only the input field in the modalbox is larger, also the corresponding column in the table.
I solved it with

#lm_wrapper .mytextarea{height:auto} in the lmbootstrap-default.css

The default value of the textarea is now much larger than in a normal text box, and the column in the Table Number is even as high as it should be.

Thanks and best regards

Re: Form view 22.06.2015 10:43

Hello again,

you can see what i mean at

Re: Form view 22.06.2015 11:50


Ok, thanks for sharing.

Moonsoft Team
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