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link to joomla user and company 15.03.2015 07:16

Is there a way to link a field in the list to a users company name and allow editing only by that user, but as well allow others to choose that company name for later approval (publish) by that user? and/or have multiple users with the same company name and they can edit all records if they are a publisher status or something similar?

Re: link to joomla user and company 16.03.2015 09:47


There are many things you can do with List Manager. You can add a Joomla 'user id' field to the list, and with the menu/module options you can filter records to edit only for that user. About company name, could be a simple option list to choose.

An approval system could be done using views in lists, you should follow this steps:
- Create a 'option' field with 2 options: 'Yes' and 'No' and set default to 'No'. When user add a new record (with no permissions to see/ad/edit this field), default value will set to 'No'.
- For 'publisher/approval' user, you could create other view or use the list with this option visible and editable. This view permissions can be set using joomla menu profile system.
- Publish a list with all records approved, add other list adding this filter

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