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Changing date format 19.02.2015 00:45

The dates in my db are all formatted like 2015-02-18 and I need to keep them formatted that way. But in the front end, I'd like them to be displayed differently, such as Feb 18, 2015. Is there a way for the database to store the date in one format, but display it in a different format?

Re: Changing date format 19.02.2015 10:26


Sorry, but, by now, this is not possible. In List Manager, field date is saved with the preferred format you choose and that is also used for the view. This Date format is needed to work with calendar when user is editing.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Changing date format 19.02.2015 16:48

Thanks. I'll probably use rereplacer to change the date display formats, which will hopefully work well.
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