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Note before deleting record 19.08.2014 11:39

Hi, I use your extension as a giftlist on wedding website. There is a list of records (gifts), and website visitor can delete record as he want to buy this gift for newlyweds. But there is a problem, cos there is only one login/password for visitors, so I cant control who reserved this gift. Is there some solution for this? For examle one text field, where the visitor writes his name, and then he can delete the record?

Thanks, Peter

Re: Note before deleting record 19.08.2014 13:18

we'd use another approach to build the system you're describing, using views instead of deleting records. Here our suggestion:

- Add an extra field to your list (textfield) that will contain user name. Initially all records will have an empty value here.
- Create a view of your list. The filter: username=empty
- Publish the view instead of the list. Now visible records are only the ones without username.
- Give users permission to edit (not to delete) records. Set the edit form to only contain the username to type. You can set it as required.

This should do the work. As soon as any user edits the record to make the reservation, he will be asked his name. When saved, the record will dissapear from the main view but you will still keep all the information, you can check the names attached to the records fron the back-end, or publishing the main list at another private section of the site.

Please let us know if you need more help with this.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Note before deleting record 19.08.2014 22:22


thanks, this is really a solution of my problem. Everything works great, I have only one problem left, I dont know where and how to setup the filter. (display only rows with null value of column "name")


Re: Note before deleting record 20.08.2014 09:20


You can setup the filter in view configuration. Create a view and configure the filter at field list section, look for field 'name' in column 'Data Filter', select 'equals' and leave text field empty. This will display all records with no value at column 'name'.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Note before deleting record 20.08.2014 11:44


everything is OK now. Works great. Thanks for support.

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