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jQuery and mootools 05.12.2013 06:24

Does ListManager use Mootools?

We are struggling more with Mootools and jQuery conflicts, so I an trying a plug-in to turn Mootools off. ListManager stopped showing lists so I think it must use Mootools?


Re: jQuery and mootools 05.12.2013 09:18


List Manager uses mootools as its part of Joomla core. If you use jQuery in other component/modules you should use noConflict function. Check this sites:

Moonsoft Team

Re: jQuery and mootools 12.12.2013 06:08

Thank you! I was able to add a mootools-disable module to disable mootools by Article, so I can keep mootools enabled on articles containing List Manager lists. All is working fine.

Re: jQuery and mootools 12.12.2013 10:03

Great, thanks for sharing.

Moonsoft Team
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