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Cannot edit on front end 13.11.2013 10:32


Sorry to be a pain. After solving my Jquery problem I am unable to edit or add entries on the front end.

The screen slides down to go into editing mode but then it displays the below

Part ##Part##

##Part## is where i have to edit or add the entry. permissions it set to edit all fields.

from what I can see, there are no errors in F12 of IE only these below if it helps

HTML1202: http://jojonet/directory is running in Compatibility View because 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' is checked.

SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited.

Re: Cannot edit on front end 13.11.2013 11:08

it's ok, the complexity for your case is that you're working on a closed environment, so it's harder to point out the problems from outside. Those messages should not be affecting, maybe the compatibility mode could add any restriction, but not at the input form. Please double-check you have the latest version of the extension installed (1.2.14, from November 11), and upgrade otherwise. Then double check the names of the fields you place at the input form are the ones of the 'internal name' of the fields, not the 'name' of the column, and if this is ok, let us know if this happens when you publish the list directly, and/or using a view.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Cannot edit on front end 13.11.2013 12:38


I updated it and its working PERFECT. I can edit on the front end and add new.

Nothing is broke on my website. everything is working great.

Thank you again!

Re: Cannot edit on front end 13.11.2013 17:04

great it worked, thanks for the feedback.
Moonsoft Team
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