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List is not Showing 07.10.2013 05:27

I bought this a year ago, and could never get it to work. I talked to somebody there recently, who said I had to buy it again, just to get it to work, but it STILL does NOT work. So, right now, I've bought it twice, had it for a year, and have never been able to use it. It won't show up on the front-end, it just shows as any empty list that it wants you to search. This is urgent, super frustrating, and I'm out money twice for a product that is NOT WORKING.

Re: List is not Showing 07.10.2013 10:25

we told you we couldn't give you more support not only because your old version, but because your subscription ended almost a year ago. Anyway we gave you email support for free for some days, checking your configuration, asking you to check the parameters...unfortunately your site must have any conflict that is preventing the extension to work properly. As you state, it could be the same problem you had a year ago, we also gave you support at the forum at that time, but we didn't had any feedback from your side:

If you have already checked the configuration at the backend, we'd suggest to check if you have any script error at your site, if you're not sure of how to check that, please share your url where you have published the list. We'll debug directly on your site and tell you how to solve the issue. You can paste it here, or place a private ticket at the helpdesk.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: List is not Showing 08.10.2013 09:42

In case it may help someone else:

this user was using a template including some scripts to add effects to the menu, which weren't even being used. Scripts were crashing and breaking all other script at the page, so lm code wasn't executing. Disabling the options to add effects at the template configuration resulted on list working again.
Moonsoft Team
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