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page ok error 23.07.2013 08:59

tried loading the component and also tried adding a couple of fields.
worked ok, but now getting "PAGE OK" and a completely blank page

complete joomla installation is showing blank page with just page ok written in left hand side top corner of the page.

what should I do now ?

Re: page ok error 23.07.2013 09:49


Sorry, but we need more info about this error (we couldn´t get it here):

- Check if you have installed Suhosin patch. Go to System Information->PHP Information

- Set Debug mode and error reporting to 'Maximum' to get joomla errors. Go to Global configuration->Server and Global configuration->System

- Where exactly appears page completly blank?

With this info you could also place a ticket in helpdesk (Customer Area) to get more personal support.


Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: page ok error 23.07.2013 10:19

Sorted out the problem and now have started added www. infront of the domain.
have reported this error to godaddy ( hosting provider ) and will wait for their feedback.

Best Regards, and Thanks for looking into.
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