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Button Detail 19.06.2013 15:01

Good day.
I wonder why the button detail right from the lists does not work?
I made an example of registration and does not display the same data.
Can you help me?
thank you

Re: Button Detail 19.06.2013 17:15


In List Manager, you have a form layout to show when edit row and also you have a detail with a different layout.
Please check if there´s some HTML in 'Detail Layout'.

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Button Detail 19.06.2013 18:49

Thanks for the reply.
Accessed the Detail Layout by admin and is blank. Does not have any field.
How should I do?
thank you

Re: Button Detail 19.06.2013 18:57


You should acts as in Form Layout. Write each field in this way ##myfieldvariable## where you want to show the value of this field in the row.
A good starting point is to use the 'Layout tables generation' in this page. It generates a form type HTML with fields inside.

Moonsoft Team
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