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Order 28.01.2013 14:50

I have two questions:
1) How can I change column order in View?
2) How can I set the order of items by field "Id" (I don't create this field, it is automatic create). I need descending order by "Id".


Re: Order 28.01.2013 17:54


To change the order column in view, use the last column input in fields managment to input an order number.

Sorry, by now it´s not possible to order list by items not visibles in frontend. Some users use today field with visible configuration (not set in form layout), and in component/module options use order (with the field name) and sort order.

We could make a custom tweak to make list ordered by record id. If you are interested, please send us an email and we´ll give you a quote.

Moonsoft Team
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