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link an item in the list 18.10.2011 12:59

Dear sir/madam

I was wondering is there a way of linking an item in the list to an article, image or pdf?

So what I would like is the ability to search the database (which is believe your list manager already does) and then click on the item found in the list to look at the actual document. Is this possible?

Re: link an item in the list 18.10.2011 13:03

thank you for your interest. At this time, there is not a field type 'link', but text fields can be used to show links to articles or to download files of any type through html. If you write inside a text field the value:

< a href="" > Link < /a>

you will get a link to google page inside your list data. All valid html is supposed to work. You can test how this works adding values to any of our examples:

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Moonsoft Team

Re: link an item in the list 14.10.2015 04:36

This is exactly what I want to do - but it is not parsing the HTML. Can you advise?



Re: link an item in the list 14.10.2015 10:54

the comment above was many years old, now with newer versions there is an specific field type for this purpouse. You only need to change the field type from plain text to 'html' and use the html editor to introduce your contents in order to see your html properly parsed at your list.

Moonsoft Team
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