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Video Tutorials 27.04.2012 15:57

Get some video tutorials, I cannot figure out this program. Your demos go from a very simple calender 1+1=2 (i understand this)to all these different calenders with code way beyond the simple calender. I need like a 10-12 video tutorial starting with very simple to adding more fields and doing more complex math equations to how to lay out the form. I'm sure this app is fantastic for code writers me not so much.

Re: Video Tutorials 27.04.2012 17:49

thank you for your feedback. We have tried to create the examples with increasing complexity, the order to advance is the same you can find them at download section. So after
First steps: Adding two numbers
we suggest to continue with this one:
4 basic operations & formatting numbers

If you think there is an example missing at some step it may help you, please attach your suggestions and we'll be adding more examples to the set. We take your suggestion of more examples related to layout, they are not more detailed because free layout it's been introduced for this last release of the extension, soon they will be available for downloading as well.

Thank you
Moonsoft Team

Re: Video Tutorials 28.06.2012 01:31

Is there any way you can put all of the tutorials in PDF like with the first one?
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