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tranfer field content to email input 04.11.2013 15:18

I like it if

Show send by email? Show 'send email to' in result can be init with the content of a input field.

I ask the user for name and email so I can pyt this info in the print output and include it in the mail and pdf

But if the user want to have a copy by mail the user need to enter the e-mail adres again

Re: tranfer field content to email input 04.11.2013 15:52

for that purpose you have available the 'Send form results to' parameter, where you can select one of the user inputs. This would send the email automatically. For copying contents from field to field, you can also use script tabs to write code able to copy contents on each change.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: tranfer field content to email input 04.11.2013 18:04


if you have a var containing an email adres on the calculation page with the name

you can trasfer it to the e-mail address input box visable after pressing calculate buton by


in the javascipt event box [Executed after calculate execution]

Edited by moon_1209 - 04.11.2013 18:05
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